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Best Data Tech Jobs in 2017

Posted July 22, 2017

When preparing to pursue a higher level of education at the school of your choice, it is wise to learn more about job opportunities and career prospects in the fields that most interest you. After all, you understandably want to work in a field that has many openings in areas across the country and that will handsomely reward you for your education, skills and efforts. The tech industry continues to be one of the hottest industries to work in, and there are many positions that you can apply for in this field. These are some of the hottest tech jobs to consider for 2017.

Computer Systems Analyst

If you are looking for one of the tech jobs that is in great demand for 2017, a computer systems analyst is a great position to consider. As a computer systems analyst, you will be responsible for learning what our client’s or employer’s IT systems needs are. You will also need to design a better plan and bring that plan to fruition through your own efforts. Some analysts work as contractors on special projects for larger or smaller companies, and others work in-house for major companies. There are currently more than 118,000 people working in this position in the tech industry, and the unemployment rate is less than three percent. The median salary is $85,800 per year. Most of these positions are available in larger metropolitan areas.

Mobile Developer

It may seem like there are apps for everything right now, but there is still ample demand for the creation of new apps or for outdated apps to be revamped. A mobile developer primarily creates and maintains apps, and some of these professionals may also redesign apps to make them more functional or beneficial. When new cell phone models are released, all existing apps may need to be tweaked. This means that there is always work for these individuals to do. With 2,130 available job openings in this field and with a median salary of $85,000, this will likely be a popular position for years to come.

Data Scientist

Gathering and using data in a constructive way is big business, and this is the primary function of a data scientist. These are professionals who scrape data for data mining purposes. They further analyze the data through statistical analysis or other means. They may also use predictive analytics to further refine the data so that it can more easily be used knowledgeably by business professionals in the company for marketing purposes, product development decisions and more. There are currently 4,184 job openings in this field, and the median salary for a data scientist is $110,000 per year.

Data Engineer

Another great idea to consider in the tech industry is to become a data engineer. While the work of a data scientist and a data engineer may seem similar at first glance, they are actually quite different. Data scientists essentially turn raw data into analyzed information for professionals to use in various beneficial ways. Data engineers, on the other hand, design, build and manage the infrastructure that businesses use. This is the system that is used to gather and analyze the data. However, the engineers do not actually analyze the data themselves. There are approximately 2,600 available job openings in this position, and the median salary for a data engineer is $106,000 per year.

Deciding which career to pursue is not an easy process to complete. While the number of job openings on a national scale and the median salary are important factors to consider, you may also want to analyze these details closer to where you plan to work after you graduate college. It is also beneficial to think about the type of work environment and hours you will have in these positions and if you would personally enjoy the work. With closer review, you may find that one position is far more appealing than the others.

Written by Jeremy Stutter

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