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ABS Breaking For Electric Bikes?

Posted July 19, 2017

Bosch Accident Research conducted a research and came to the conclusion that accidents could be reduced by up to 25 percent if the bikes were equipped with anti-lock braking systems (ABS). Bosch eBike Systems has created the first series-produced ABS for e-bikes, that is designed primarily to keep riders from flying over the handlebars when applying the front brake too aggressively. It incorporates wheel-speed sensors in both wheels, that detect when the front wheel is starting to lock up, and the rear is beginning to lift off the ground. The system responds by easing off on the front brake, keeping the front wheel rolling and bringing the rear wheel back down. This system is ought to reduce braking distance, and minimize over-the-bars incidents.

The setup also incorporates a front brake activation module that sits under the handlebar stem. Bosch eBike ABS should begin appearing on the bikes of selected partners this fall.

Source: Bosch

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