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9 Startups That Make You Realize Future Is Already Here

Posted July 19, 2017

Although we are yet to see an actual hoverboard or desiccated pizza in our daily life, some concepts and products out there already make you want to pinch yourself. Sometimes they are inspired by popular science fiction, and sometimes they exceed our wildest dreams. Here are nine amazing startups that make future a bit closer.

Jibo (Home Robot)

Robotic companions have been a hallmark of sci-fi since its dawn. No wonder then that after almost a century of speculations, the science kind of owes us some cute AI. Creators of Jibo claim they have created it! This home robot does things we expect from any smart device these days: snapping a photo, sending a message, etc. However, Jibo has more impressive and truly futuristic skills. He can experience the world, learn, recognize voices and faces of the family and close friends, and entertain them with stories and games.

MHOX EYE (Bio-printed Sight Augmentation)

The eyesight is precious and irreplaceable, but at the same time imperfect. Spare eyes with enhanced abilities have been a dream of humanity since forever, judging from the magical eye of the Parcae. The latest sci-fi also features prosthetic eyes that are capable of recording, replaying and transmitting. Thanks to 3D printing, the coveted artifact seems not as fantastic as it used to be. MHOX design studio is working to create 3 versions of the bio-printed eyes (‘heal’, ‘enhanced’, and ‘advanced’) with ranging functionality. They even plan to add pills that will apply filters to the way you see the world.

Hexoskin (Wearable Body Metrics)

We are already fairly accustomed to smart wearables, but these are the actual biometric clothes. What looks and feels like an ordinary black shirt actually monitors your heart rate, breathing rate, quality of ventilation, activity intensity, peak acceleration, steps, cadence and sleep positions. It connects with both Android and iOS via Bluetooth and transfers all data to your device of choice. Hexoskin is perfect for athletes and people who take care of their health and fitness.

Magic Leap (MR Headset)

Arguably, the most mysterious startup on the list, Magic Leap has been promising amazing experience for some time now. However, the production process continues and the details of the technology remain secret. What is known is still mind-boggling, despite the variety of AR and VR available at the moment. As Rony Abovitz, the CEO of the project, explains, MR stands for “mixed reality”. The devices themselves are described as “sensorywear” that project images directly to user’s retina creating a highly realistic mix of real-life environment and 3D objects.

Virtual Incision (Robot-Assisted Surgical Technology)

Robotic surgeons have been populating sci-fi terrain at least since the classic “Star Wars” trilogy. Now we get closer to seeing something like this happening in real life, as first miniaturized robots perform surgeries on human patients. Alas, Virtual Incision is nothing like 2-1B. It is still merely a human-operated tool, but unexpectedly cool looking and high-performing in complex abdominal procedures. This small and self-contained surgical device works inside the body of a patient, while the doctor operates from the outside.

Hexo+ (Self-Piloting Drone)

Even if you live under the rock, you might have seen a couple of drones passing by. They are one of the most popular technologies today and arguably the most versatile. From delivery services to walking the dog – they are everywhere. The latest trend is self-piloting drones. Hexo+ aims to follow you everywhere and film you without bothering you to pilot it. Awesome aerial footage of your outdoor adventures now films itself while you are enjoying the moment. Predictive tracking and data combining makes it even more unbelievable.

Modern Meadow (Tissue Engineering)

The leather is a unique material that is always in demand. However, animal slaughter raises moral dilemmas. Modern Meadow resolves all of them. The startup uses biofabrication to grow leather and food in their laboratories. They take small biopsies from animals that inflict no harm, and create animal-friendly natural products with minimum inputs of land, water, energy, and chemicals. Moreover, leather produced this way has “tunable” properties that cannot be achieved with animal hide, such as translucency, new textures and required shape without any wastage.

Capsule FM (Personal DJ)

Capsule FM is described as ‘radio by robots’, but in essence, it is your personalized soundtrack to life. It mixes your favorite music with social networks, news, and podcasts, adjusting to your tastes and mood and creating a non-stop audio stream. Of course, the bots living in your phone are virtual. However, they can act as actual pals waking you up in the morning and reading aloud the news during the breakfast. They have personalities and that gives the whole project a nice sci-fi vibe.

KinTrans (Sign Language Translator)

Nearly 80% people in the world do not understand sign language. This creates a certain barrier in communication between deaf and hearing people. KinTrans helps to solve this issue by translating signs into sounding words and vice versa in real time. As any other two-way translation software, this UAE startup increases accessibility, improves customer service and simply connects people.

Now, judging by the look of it, future is already here. I really do not know how fiction writers are going to blow our mind now.

Story provided by MacFly Pro

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