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Open Source Personal Robot

Posted July 18, 2017

Robotics company Thecorpora launched an successful crowdfunding campaign to get its robot to the market. The robot is described as easy to build, simple to program and easy to hack. This desktop bot is 400 mm tall and will be supplied in kit form so that would-be roboticists can learn how to build it, and it was designed around an open source software and hardware architecture. The main board is a Raspberry Pi 3 running the Raspbian OS, and an Arduino controls sensors are at the nose, mouth and eyes with a built-in HD camera in each eye, capable of face tracking and recognition. On the top of the robot’s movable head is a capacitive sensor installed, divided into sections, one can react to touch, and others allows for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity.

Developers can create applications for the robot using Java, C++, PHP or Python, but newbies also can, using a simple programming language called Scratch. If all goes to plan, shipping is estimated to start in December. Check out the pitch video below for more on the project.

Source: Thecorpora

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