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Smartphone App Detects If Driver Gets Drowsy

Posted July 13, 2017

Some expensive cars are equipped with sensors to detect if the driver is getting drowsy. Researchers at Hong Kong Baptist University have developed a smartphone-based system that reportedly does the same job. The system requires users to mount their phone on the dash, so its front camera can monitor their face as they drive.

Software then monitors for telltale changes in driver’s eyelids and head position, which indicate that they’re getting tired. When such signals are detected, it alerts the driver. That alarm won’t cease until the driver deactivates it either by hand or via a voice command. The technology requires no hardware other than the smartphone itself, it is highly accurate, simple to use, supports online software updates, and it can be transferred between vehicles. The researchers has applied for a US patent for the system, which could presumably take the form of an app.

Professor Cheung Yiu-ming demonstrates the fatigue driving detection and alarm system to alert a drowsy driver.

Source: Hong Kong Baptist University

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