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Removable Head-up Display For Motorcyclists

Posted July 13, 2017

Head-up displays for motorcyclists makes driving safer and easier – instead of looking away from the road and shifting their focus to the dashboard console, drivers just need to glance at the display projected onto their view of the road. The idea has been teased for a few years and finally the Nuviz device is now commercially available. Most riders have a preferred their own  helmet, that’s why the Nuviz HUD unit attaches to the chin bar of your helmet, and offers a consolidation of phone, music, navigation and camera in one device, all through the technology of HUD optics. It can be removed and attached to any full-faced helmet. Since most riders have more than one helmet, this makes it much user friendly.

When the device is mounted and aligned, the HUD optics create a virtual image that appears to float in the periphery of your eyesight. This reduces eye movement and keeps you focused on the road ahead rather than glancing down at the bike’s console.

An accompanying mobile app connects via Bluetooth to a wireless handlebar controller that provides access to information like current speed, current position map, and a 3-D view of a saved route. A headset with a microphone and built-in HD camera lets capture a video at up to 1080p/30fps, or you can use it for phone calls or to listen to your favorite music. Still images are automatically saved to your phone and videos are saved to a Micro SD card that is not included, but slots inside the device. An ambient light sensor automatically adjusts brightness. It’s also compatible with most Bluetooth-enabled headsets for rider-to-rider communications. It is powered by a replaceable 3,250-mAh Li-ion battery with a listed eight hours of life before it has to be recharged.

Nuviz is compatible with most traditional full-face helmets, the device is available directly from the company’s website for customers in the US and Europe.

Source: NUVIZ

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