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Modular Robotic Furniture System

Posted July 12, 2017

A furniture startup Ori Systems rolled out a modular robotic furniture across the US. A robotically transformable modular system makes it easy to reconfigure a single space into a multi-purpose environment that can function as bedroom, office and living room, with plenty of storage space. A final commercial product comes in two models, full or a queen, with the primary difference between them is a bed size. Both units come flat-packed for assembly on site and are powered by a standard electrical outlet. The unit can be controlled three ways: via an control interface on the, through the app, or via voice control using Amazon Alexa. If a power is down it is still reconfigurable, switching to a manual mode that allows you to move the unit yourself.

City apartments always precious and these types of modular furniture systems could appeal to people who need reconfigure a single space into multi-purpose environment. Take a look at the system in action in the video below.

Source: Ori Systems

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