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Vertical Take Off And Landing Drone Flies Up To Six Hours

Posted July 11, 2017

Wirth Research unveiled vertical take off and landing (VTOL) drone with a tilt-rotor, that uses a lightweight hydrogen fuel cells as its primary energy source and delivers a six hours of flight time with a payload. Hydrogen fuel cells has a significantly higher energy density than regular lithium-ion batteries. It will be powerful enough to take off and land vertically while carrying a payload – a huge range of sensors, including stereo high-resolution optical cameras, infra-red sensors, LIDAR imagers and ground-penetrating radar.

The company hasn’t revealed full specs, but claims the drone’s payload and VTOL capabilities, coupled with its six-hour endurance and zero local emissions. This drone could be useful for surveillance, security forces, pipeline or cable inspection and cargo transportation.

Source: Wirth Research

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