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How to Recover Files from A Crashed Internal Hard Drive Safely

Posted July 7, 2017

It’s not so difficult to recover files from a crashed internal hard drive as long as you choose the right assistant.

The operating system, programs and personal data are often saved on an internal hard drivewhether you’re running a desktop computer or laptop. And according to statistics, the internal hard drive fails (becomes dead or crashed) now and then. Thus, how to recover files from a crashed internal hard drive becomes a hot topic.

It’s getting worse that you realize you didn’t make any backup only when you come across hard disk crash. Thus, we recommend you raise your vigilance to try their best to stay away from hard disk damage. When disaster really happens, please take actions immediately to recover data from damaged internal hard drive.

Recover Files from A Crashed Internal Hard Drive

Some people would suggest going for professional recovery agencies. Is that a great idea? We’re afraid it’s the last choice. A large number of computer users stated that they send the computer with broken internal hard disk to people in recovery agency and paid 500 bucks to have them try the recovery; if they can’t get anything, then users will only get 100 bucks back of their 500. So the result is: only a little part of it is recovered. What’s worse, you can’t get anything.

Have you ever thought of that you can recover data from crashed hard disk on your own? Here, we’re going to give you a chance to do the recovery work independently.We advise all of you to try MiniTool Power Data Recovery first.

How to Recover Data from Corrupted Internal Hard Disk in Two Cases

Case 1 (the easy one): after your internal hard disk was crashed, the first reaction must be rebooting the computer to have a try. If this succeeds and you enter the system as usual, only to find some of the files are lost, you should firstly copy files from internal hard drive to a mobile device for backup; then, make use of the free edition of MiniTool Power Data Recovery to recover lost files.

How to recover data from crashed laptop hard disk after successful reboot:

Run the software right after installation -> choose “Damaged Partition Recovery” to recover files from existing partition or select “Lost Partition Recovery” to recover files from missing partition -> select the target partition/disk -> press “Full Scan” button to start a search -> check all the data you need from the found files -> press “Save” button to set a storage path for them -> click on “OK” to confirm.

Case 2 (the more complicated one): you try rebooting the computer, but failed. Can you still get files off a broken laptop or desktop? Yes, the answer is positive. You can turn to MiniToolPower Data Recovery Boot Disk to recover data from unbootable system. (Of course, you can use the way mentioned in case 1 if you can properly take out the hard drive from current computer and then connect it to another one)

How to recover data from crashed hard disk failing to reboot:

Stage 1 – enter OS with a boot disk.

Get & run MiniTool Bootable Media Builder on another computer -> choose to make a boot CD/DVD or a boot flash drive ->eject the boot disk made successfully from computer -> connect it to the computer with crashed internal hard drive -> start the computer -> enter BIOS to change boot order to boot from this disk.

After that, you’ll see the main interface of MiniTool Power Data Recovery Boot Disk (which only provides 4 functional modules; the “CD/DVD Recovery” is missing). Now, you should finish the stage 2 – recover data from unbootable system – by looking at the tutorial give in case 1.

Reading here, you must know how to recover data from crashed hard disk of laptop or desktop, right? If this fails, or if it’s still to complicated, or if you are dealing with a sensitive and important data, ask professional data recovery agencies for help.

Written by Anna Lan

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