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Porsche looks to the future with aggression – Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid is basically a supercar limousine

Posted July 6, 2017

Porsche always was one of those automotive brands looking to push the boundaries further. At this point it is already very clear that future belongs to electric and hybrid vehicles so Porsche is ready to embrace it. Not only for the sake of efficiency, but also for driver’s enjoyment.

A new video in Porsche’s YouTube channel talks about hybrid technology slowly but surely taking over the most capable performance cars in the world. While we still think that petrol-powered cars are more characterful, they are slowly giving the way to new technology. In fact, hybrid cars are not that new, since the first one was built in 1900, but now they are here for good.

Panamera Turbo S e-Hybrid is going to be balistically fast, but not much different on the outside. Image credit: Porsche

When you imagine a hybrid car, you probably think of a Toyota Prius – boring, slow and ugly. But it is far from truth. Now hybrid technology is moving into performance vehicles too. For example, several years ago the world was in awe after Ferrari, McLaren and Porsche introduced their hybrid hypercars. They used electric power to push performance to the limits and not just for efficiency. Sometime later Koenigsegg joined with a Regera – a car with no transmission. But hybrid technology is not reserved to the most expensive limited production models only.

Porsche had some hybrid cars already, mostly in a shape of Panamera. They were more efficient, consumed less fuel and emitted less of CO2. So they were cheaper to maintain. But the new Panamera Turbo S e-Hybrid is just astoishlingly quick – no one who is going to buy that car is even remotely thinking about fuel consumption or saving the environment.

Panamera Turbo S e-Hybrid is has a 136 hp of purely electric drive – 680 hp in total. That’s enough to propel this large heavy car to 100 km/h in just 3.4 seconds – that’s a supercar performance. The car can do 310 km/h – perfect for a German autobahn. But, if you are interested in fuel consumption figures, they are quite impressive as well.

Panamera Turbo S e-Hybrid uses just 2.9 litres of fuel for a 100 km drive. We remind you, that it is a large four-door saloon, which is far from being light. In emits only 66 g/km of CO2, meaning that in some countries it is exempt from some taxes and insurance is a bit lower. But it is just a step in evolution.

Experts predict that the next 911, iconic sports car, is going to be hybrid too. It will allow preserving car’s engine noise, while reducing fuel consumption and improving performance figures. But after that there will be fully electric cars. Mission-E Concept was a good example of what it is going to be like – large, very low and very fast.


Source: Porsche’s YouTube channel

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