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Just look at what Jaguar E-Pace had to go through before its official debut

Posted July 6, 2017

Compact SUV‘s are all over the range these days. We write about more affordable brands quite often, but premium automotive companies are working on compact SUVs as well. Jaguar is preparing to launch its E-Pace SUV and while we are waiting for it company shares some information about how it was tested.

Testing on gravel proved the car deals with unstable surfaces very well – looks almost like a rally car speeding through uneven terrain. Image credit: Jaguar

Our cars have to be strong and durable. They have to work equally well in all weather conditions that they may ever face throughout their lifecycle. While your automobile may be driven in summer mostly, the same model may face harsh winter in some northern countries. So car manufacturers have to test their vehicles in all possible conditions to ensure that they will work well no matter what mother nature throws at them.

That is why Jaguar E-Pace has been tested in 4 different continents just to see what it does in different extreme weather. It’s been to the deserts of Middle East, it soldiered on in -40 degrees Celsius somewhere around the Arctic Circle and fared very well in the high altitudes and rivers of China’s most remote provinces. But that just shows that the car is good in all weather conditions, which is not nearly good enough.

E-Pace completed more than 400 laps of Nürburgring. Image credit: Jaguar

So E-Pace had to drive over horrible terrain. It was driving on slippery ice, to see how its electronic aid systems hope with extreme slip. It was racing around gravel tracks like an actual rally car. And it completed extensive testing in an unforgivable Nürburgring circuit and high-speed Nardò test track to ensure it is as capable as every Jaguar should be. In fact, it completed more than 400 laps of the Nürburgring, but don’t get too impressed yet.

The car is ready for its debut on 13th of July – it will be aired on Facebook and YouTube. Although it completed 25 months of harsh testing, which involved more than 150 prototypes and 500 engineers, Jaguar says that public debut is the actual big test. Graham Wilkins, Chief Product Engineer, Jaguar E-PACE, said: “Months of intense testing on roads and tracks around the world have delivered a compact performance SUV that is true to Jaguar’s performance DNA”.

SUVs are very important for Jaguar. F-Pace, a bigger SUV, was hugely successful boosting Jaguar’s sales by 83 %. E-Pace is going to be very popular too – there is no doubt about it, because market is thirsty for luxurious compact SUVs. And then Jaguar is still working on a third SUV – all-electric I-PACE Concept which will go into production in 2018. But first things first – we have to wait and see how E-Pace will look ike and if it will be as fun to drive as it should be.


Source: Jaguar

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