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See it in action – Jaguar Project 8 unleashed its deafening roar

Posted July 5, 2017

We wrote about Jaguar’s new super saloon already, but now you have a chance of seeing it in action. XE SV Project 8 is Jaguar’s new most extreme road car and it definitely sounds like one.  Extremely expensive, extremely fast and extremely angry – this is what we can tell from several newly released videos.

Project 8 is going to be tail-happy, despite its AWD system. Image credit: Jaguar

Project 8 is an ordinary XE sedan, but with major performance tweaks. In fact, it is so modified a compact family car became the most powerful Jaguar EVER. Meaning that it is more powerful than already extreme Project 7 limited edition sports car and a legendary XJ220 supercar from 1990’s. We already saw it with camouflage, but now we get a chance to see and hear it in action.

Project 8 is basically a supercar in sedan clothes, sporting a 600PS 5.0-litre V8, producing 700 NM of torque. That, combined with an all-wheel-drive system, is enough to propel the car to 60 mph from standing still in just 3.3 seconds. Remember, it is still a road-going sedan with four seats and a large luggage capacity. You can still drive this to work and to a grocery store afterwards. There is nothing compromising its practicality, basically, except, of course, a stiff sports suspension.

Project 8 has an 8 speed quickshift transmission. Sadly, there is no manual option, which would appeal to purists, but it is all for a better cause – for the sake of speed. Project 8 can reach 200 mph – a holy grail for supercar performance. But, of course, character of it is more important than the performance figures – it is not a racing car afteral.

Project 8 has an impressive aerodynamic upgrade and flared out body. Image credit: Jaguar

Jaguar XE Project 8 creates music for ears of motorists. There is no other way to put it – it sounds glorious. Supercharged V8 is of course the main star, but a light weight titanium exhaust system is the main reason why it sounds so good. There are some exterior upgrades too, mostly driven by aerodynamics.

Firstly, there is a huge wing at the back, creating downforce and looking crazy. It is adjustable, but it is not active. Then there is a new carbon-fibre bumper with cooling ducts with a nice, unusual design. Body of the car itself is flared to accommodate large 20 inch alloy wheels and there is a huge vent in the bonnet to help hot air evacuate from the engine bay. It all looks marvellous, especially in a bright orange colour, but you’re not going to drive it.

Only 300 Project 8 cars are going to be built just to keep the car exclusive and, of course, they are going to be seriously expensive. However, we don’t doubt that they are going to be sold immediately although it is much more expensive than non-limited production super saloons from BMW and Mercedes-Benz.


Source: Jaguar

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