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Cheap, cute and electric – affordable e.Go Life is searching for its place on the market

Posted July 5, 2017

Electric cars are typically very expensive. Obviously, it is because technology is costly – batteries and electric motors are not cheap. But maybe we are asking them for too much? What if a car was designed to do city commute only? e.Go Life is a German build electric car, which is quite cheap, yet practical enough.

e.Go Life is not astonishingly pretty, but it does have a cute face and large, stylish alloy wheels. Image credit: e.Go

The problem is that when we think of electric cars we think of Tesla or Nissan Leaf. Do you really need a car as luxurious as Tesla Model S? Sure, it is a nice vehicle with many nice features, but it is not necessary for people living in highly urbanized environment. If you are only driving in a city, it definitely does not make sense to buy a car with such an excessive range, comfort equipment and autopilot. And when you take these things away, you can actually make an electric car pretty cheap.

e.Go Life will cost from € 15,900 – pretty much the same as other city cars. It will have around 130-170 km of range, depending on which battery pack you go for, and can reach speeds of 104 km/h. Not very impressive, is it? But you are not driving faster in the city anyway. It will reach 50 km/h, your usual driving speed in the city, in just under six seconds, and will accelerate all the way to 104 km/h. So it is not a sports car.

Although it looks small, it is actually a functional four-seater. Image credit: e.Go

e.Go Life uses a scalable 48v powertrain developed by Bosch. It can be used in a scooter or in a small car like Life. Its 10.5kW DC motor is taken from a 48v mild hybrid system, seen in other vehicles. Basic performance of the car is just 15 kw, but the peak power is 22 kw, torque – 110 NM. It will take somewhere from 5.5 to 7.5 hours for a car to reach its full charge.

How practical is it? Well, it only has two doors, but there is space in the back for a couple of adults. It is spacious enough and has a turning radius of only 9 metres. For now journalists are saying that the car is quite noisy, but this problem will be solved when it reaches full production. And it is not as basic as it sounds. There is a special app that will provide drivers with all the necessary data and four driving modes: Go is a normal one, Cruise allows accelerating quickly to a certain speed and then maintaining that speed, Boost enables Life to give you all it has in terms of power and Crawl allows for smooth parking manoeuvres.

Interior looks basic, but Life is very cheap and has all the tech you need in the city. Image credit: e.Go

e.Go Life looks quite ordinary. While it does look like a new car, it certainly isn’t an eye catcher in terms of style. On the other hand, a cute looking face and large alloy wheels may be attractive to some. If you do decide to buy one, we recommend going for a bright, unusual colour option.


Source: e.Go

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