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The Evolution of Communication (Infographic)

Posted July 4, 2017

Imagine how hard it would’ve been to create inventions, solve problems, write books, novels, newspapers and even magazines without the evolution of communication.

Communication methods are something that we have used since the beginning of time itself to convey absolutely everything. Can you imagine a world with no languages or images whatsoever? Think about how many different forms of communication you use every day from your email to the radio.

Younger generations may take for granted the fact that today they have access to hundreds if not thousands of forms of communication on a device that you can fit in your pocket. Isn’t it interesting to think that people once only communicated written messages, history, and stories through cave paintings and pictures on walls?

To learn more about how we got from hieroglyphics to Facebook and Instagram, check out this amazing Evolution of Communication Infographic below:

Source: Mobile-Text-Alerts

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