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Engineering on a tiny scale – just look how this RC truck climbs an incredibly steep incline

Posted July 4, 2017

Typically we think that RC vehicles are for children. Sure some RC drones may as well have some practical applications, such as delivery services, search and rescue operations or even some Professional videography. But RC trucks and cars are merely a toy. But are they? We present you a truck that will shock you.

A 100 % gradient is no match for an accurately engineered RC truck with air suspension. Image credit: monsterchannel24

If you are one of these people who think that RC trucks are for children you are probably thinking about those vehicles that are bought from the store. Those cheap plastic toys are just that – toys. But there are huge communities of enthusiasts who actually spend a lot of time, money and efforts engineering and building their own RC vehicles. Not only they have to look like they are real trucks and cars shrunk in size, but they also have to function properly.

These communities are global, sharing expertise online. They are beautiful in a way how every member of them is always doing a project. Even a functioning RC truck is constantly getting upgrades and getting fixed. And they organize many get-togethers to celebrate their marvellous hobby. Here you can see how serious these machines are and what they are capable of.

Looks impressive, doesn’t it? While many parts can be purchased online or in some hobby shops, some have to be custom made. For example, no one is manufacturing hydraulic lifts and cylinders for such small vehicles, especially if the project is completely unique. So it all get extremely technical – these enthusiasts are basically engineers.

This truck is a model of a Mercedes-Benz SK truck with air suspension. The most ridiculous part about this RC truck is that air suspension is actually working and functions very well. Can you imagine how small actuators and pneumatic pumps have to be? But then this RC truck does its party trick – climbs a 100 % incline (exactly 45 %).

One might just wonder, if a real truck could do that and we are pretty much sure it could not. It simply would not have the necessary traction and would just spin wheels in place.

We do encourage you to search for more exciting videos featuring RC machinery – they are pretty entertaining to watch. And if you have a hobby like this, show us your creation.


Source: monsterchannel24

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