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Aston Martin sharpened already crazy Vulcan – this new version is just going to stick to the ground

Posted July 1, 2017

It is amazing what can be done when there are no rules. Cars nowadays must be fortresses on wheels – extremely safe in all kinds of situations. They also have to be quiet, composed on rough road surfaces and fuel efficient. But what if we removed these regulations? What could be achieved? We bet Aston Martin Vulcan AMR Pro comes close to that.

Vanes on both side of the nose of the Vulcan AMR Pro are here to make the fron end more planted to the road. Image credit: Aston Martin

Aston Martin Vulcan is a limited production, unique track-only sports car. It is track-only for a reason – it alleviates some regulations, allowing car manufacturer to push the limits that much harder. For example, Vulcan is very low to improve aerodynamic properties, but it would be too low for the street – it would not be safe for pedestrians. It also features a very stiff suspension, which only works on smooth racetrack surfaces. And it is loud – you certainly know when it is coming and it is music to the ears of automotive enthusiasts, but it would be too loud for the street.

Rear spoiler got some louvers to improve steering feel. Image credit: Aston Martin

Now Aston Martin allowed its new AMR division to have a go at the Vulcan and a new, more radical version was born. Vulcan AMR Pro features aerodynamic upgrades – louvered panels added above the front wheel arches, a couple of large diveplanes at the nose, and the huge front splitter has turning vanes fitted to its underside to improve steering response. AMR version is also a little lighter – just by 5 kg, but the car is already very light as is. These aerodynamic upgrades mean that amazingly quick Vulcan is going to be even faster round tracks and even more enjoyable to drive.

Inside it’s business as usual – it is NOT a street car. Image credit: Aston Martin

Other than aerodynamics, gearing has been a major upgrade as well. Shorter gearing means that the car can accelerate faster and is more responsive and engaging to drive. Aston Martin Racing works driver, Darren Turner, said: “Together with the shortened gearing, which makes it even more punchy when you accelerate through the gears, the Aston Martin Vulcan AMR Pro feels more agile and responsive to steering inputs. When you get the aero working through a fast corner it really is an unbelievable feeling.” People from Aston Martin say that they cannot wait to see the faces of customers when they try this track car for the first time, but there will not be that many faces actually.

Review of the normal Aston Martin Vulcan – the AMR version is even more insane

Aston Martin Vulcan AMR Pro is currently making its debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed and there is no doubt that people will love seeing. However, it is going to be extremely rare as only 24 Vulcan AMR PRO models are ever going to be produced. And although they are going to be very expensive (we’re literally talking millions of euros) they will be gone in seconds. Owners of the Vulcan get to participate in the driver training program, which must be fun and, having in mind what a beast this car is, necessary.


Source: Aston Martin

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