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Peugeot Pick Up – a very important truck most will never see

Posted June 30, 2017

While many people hate pickup trucks for others they are an absolute necessity. They are roomy and rugged and can carry large cargo‘s. Now Peugeot wants to return to pickup truck market with a new Pick Up (yup, that‘s the name). However, this article is not so much about the pickup – it is about what it means for Peugeot as a brand.

Peugeot Pick Up is promised to be rugged, robust and relaible, but will it match up to unforgiving Africa’s condition? Image credit: Peugeot

But at first, let’s deal with technicalities. Peugeot Pick Up is 5.08m and has a double cab. It features a four-wheel-drive system and 210-215 mm ground clearance so that off-road situations would not be scary for this vehicle. The load bed is 1.40m long and 1.39m wide and can carry 815 kg of weight. 2.5l common rail turbo diesel engine develops 115bhp and 280Nm of torque. As standard you would find manual air-conditioning, electric windows, radio with CD player and USB port. There are some safety systems, such as ABS, several airbags and so on. But why are we talking about it? Well, you can only get the Peugeot Pick Up if you live in Africa.

Peugeot Pick Up looks very simple in its design. And it is for a reason – it is meant to be cheap. Peugeot has a heritage of rugged off-road pickup trucks, such as PEUGEOT 403 Camionnette-Bâchée of 1956, the PEUGEOT 404 Camionnette-Bâchée of 1967, and then the PEUGEOT 504 Pick-up, which went out of production in 2005. But all of them were more popular in Africa, where a pickup truck is a go-to vehicle. The new one is made to be robust, cheap and easy to maintain in rather primitive repair shops. The reason being Peugeot’s idea of internationalization.

This pickup can carry 815 kg of cargo. Image credit: Peugeot

Truth is that Peugeot is not that popular in other countries. In fact, its main customers live in Europe and that’s a problem. The world in changing and new markets are growing rapidly and Peugeot has to adjust or it will disappear. Furthermore, Peugeot says that it has big plans, but before that the brand has to become truly global. PSA, Peugeot’s mother company, already purchased Opel brand for this reason, trying to expand its knowledge and market reach. Hopefully, in the future it will mean that the brand will produce more luxurious, cool or sporty cars.

Peugeot Pick Up is not going to have an easy life. Competition is going to be stiff and you have to be reliable to survive in Africa. However, in the past Peugeot was renowned for its reliability in such places as Cuba and Africa, where Peugeot’s from 1960’s are still very much alive.


Source: Peugeot

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