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McLaren will let people build a 720S supercar, but there is one condition

Posted June 28, 2017

As children we played with many toy cars and constructors. They always fascinated us and unknowingly taught us so much about automotive design and the meaning of shapes and forms. But we grew out of them – very little adult people are interested in playing with LEGO brick or similar construction toys nowadays. However, McLaren decided to bring it back… sort of.

Finished full-size LEGO model of McLaren 720S is going to weigh more than the actual car. Image credit:McLaren

In this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed visitors will be able to take part in assembling full-size LEGO McLaren 720S. Yup, a giant constructor is scale 1:1. McLaren for this special occasion if leaving its carbon fibre and aluminium fest behind, allowing visitors to place some orange LEGO bricks in designated areas to complete McLaren 720S. There is a miniature set of 720S supercar and it is quite nice, but McLaren’s stand at Goodwood Festival of Speed needed something more exclusive.

However, the model will arrive partially assembled by Speed Champions LEGO team from Billund, Denmark. Unfinished model already required 267,300 LEGO bricks, visitors are expected to add over 12,700 to completely finish the build. McLaren had to provide detailed blueprints for the model to be as accurate as possible, which mean that CAD modelling had to be used. This is rather interesting, because people visiting the model are unlikely to think of it as a sophisticated piece of engineering.

Full-size LEGO McLaren 720S was built around a steel frame. It took an experienced team over 2,000 hours to build the car by hand, but finishing touches are going to be quicker and easier. Interestingly, when finished model 720S is going to weigh more than the actual supercar – no less than 1.6 tons, when the real deal weighs only 1283kg dry. It will also feature some impressive rubber – the all-new Pirelli P Zero CORSA tyre used in its road-going equivalent.

This is how the real McLaren 720S supercar looks like. Image credit:McLaren

Goodwood Festival of Speed is starting tomorrow. As impressive as McLaren’s stand is going to be, it is unlikely it will become the star of the show. Festival of Speed always has a huge array of historic cars as well as some surprise reveals and race cars. It is several days full of events and presentations, racing, meetings with automotive legends and experiencing the rarest cars up-close. Some LEGO creation is not going to be the only thing to remember.

On the other hand, it is a unique opportunity to build a McLaren supercar. However, if you do not like LEGO creations, you can always go for a real one. A pre-assembled McLaren 720S can be yours from 236 thousand euros.


Source: McLaren

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