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D-Sat: the first nanosatellite with the ability to remove itself from orbit

Posted June 27, 2017

A space-bound fundraiser lands on Kickstarter. The goal is to raise €25,000 to extend the orbital operations of D-Sat, the first nanosatellite with the ability to remove itself from orbit in a direct and controlled way at the end of the mission.

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The satellite, built and operated by D-Orbit LLC, is the first in-orbit demonstration of D-Orbit Decommissioning Device (D3), a smart and independent propulsive system designed to decommission a satellite with a direct and controlled propulsive maneuver at the end of a space mission even if the main satellite has become unresponsive. The same technology can be scaled up to decommission spacecraft of up to 5 tons.

“This mission is a milestone in how we deal with the problem of space debris,” said Luca Rossettini, D-Orbit founder and CEO. “We believe that everything that goes up should come down as soon as it served its purpose, and we want to provide a practical and affordable solution to enable this vision. Our dream is to have a D3 installed in every new satellite by 2025.”

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As part of its mission, D-Sat will perform an in-orbit validation of the Multiple Alert Message Encapsulation (MAMES) protocol, defined by ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute). MAMES is an extensible multiple alert message encapsulation protocol that guarantees the timely distribution of alert messages to the people affected by natural disasters in areas where communications infrastructures have been disrupted.

These emergency scenarios are becoming increasingly common, given the tight correlation between climate change and extreme weather conditions like hurricanes, wildfires, tornadoes, extreme rainfalls, and floods, so this experiment may help saving thousands of lives.

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The Kickstarter campaign will enable an extension of the orbital operations, allowing a more thorough test of the protocol and its use cases.

D-Orbit LLC is an Italian space system company specialized in products and services to streamline commissioning and decommissioning of satellites and constellations, reducing system complexity and cost of operation, and increasing lifetime, reliability, and revenues.

The satellite will be launched during the third week of June, atop an Indian PSLV rocket. Our crowdfunding campaign is live at


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