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A new stylish crossover on the market – SEAT Arona came flying. Literally

Posted June 27, 2017

SEAT, Spanish automotive brand, is on a roll at the moment. Not so long ago we adored a new Ateca SUV, which won many important awards. Now it is time for a new car – a smaller brother of Ateca. Arona is a new compact crossover, perfect for urban environments. And, of course, SEAT chose a perfect way to introduce it to potential buyers – by hanging it from a helicopter.

That is not a frame from a movie – that’s SEAT Arona flying at 80 kph. Image credit: SEAT

SEAT being on a roll is not a coincidence. Many automotive manufacturers are gearing up for a bigger offensive, trying to raise prestige of the brand before the new era. While economy is going strong they have to capitalize on it and make new models that would more than match up to what the closest competition is doing. SEAT being a part of Volkswagen Group makes it easy to invest into a completely new model line-up. Running gear and chassis is shared throughout the family, so SEAT can focus on the design and character. Big part of this plan is three SUV’s – midsize Ateca, introduced last year, a larger SUV we will see later, and Arona.

Arona was introduced to the world in a rather creative way – flying over Barcelona. It was attached to a helicopter and attracted lots of attention of people on the beach and the streets. However, they couldn’t really see it, as it was flying at 80 kph at 300 metres above sea level. Quite an interesting flying car.

SEAT Arona is likely to be two-tone in most cases. Image credit: SEAT

Arona is built on Volkswagen’s MQB platform. A variety of engine and trim options will be offered. Of course, the looks are important. Buyers will be encouraged to combine two colours for their new car – one for the lower portion of the body and one of the pillars and the roof. Inside drivers will find a good infotainment system, which is very easy to use and various technologies, making travelling just that little bit more enjoyable.

Obviously, Arona is meant to live in the city – you can see by its size. But SEAT says it will feel OK on the highway too and we have no reason not to believe that – other city cars of Volkswagen Group fair well on the highway and on longer trips. And wherever you go you will be recognized – SEAT Arona does actually look like Ateca’s smaller brother. Alejandro Mesonero, Design Director at SEAT, said that Arona “features such strong protection in the bumpers, the wheel arches and the dark coloured rubber side skirts, as well as the roof rack and the aluminium look-like protection at the bottom of the bumpers”.

Inside you will find the usual array of Volkswagen infotainment and connected technologies. Image credit: SEAT

We can already tell that Arona is going to be a winner. Crossovers are hugely popular now and this one is not going to be an exception. It is stylish, well-built and packed with technology. Maybe someone was convinced after seeing it fly over everyone’s heads, who knows.


Source: SEAT

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