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Artificial Intelligence Creates The Perfect Camera Shot

Posted June 23, 2017

Software developer Ryan Stout created the device, an electronic module that gets plugged into the camera, and uses artificial intelligence to create the “perfect” shot. Once it’s mounted and plugged in, it wirelessly fires up via an app, the device assesses the camera’s shot. It compare this to a database of thousands of other photos in which the camera settings are known, looking for shots that are most similar to the present one. So it determines the best settings for the current shot, that are subsequently fine-tuned based on 18 different environmental factors. For instance if object is moving, the device will shorten the shutter speed, or if more depth of field is needed, it will increase the aperture.

Professional photographers often like to manually control their settings, and they can do that remotely via the app. There they can change shutter speed, aperture, and ISO, and they can see a live preview and actually take the shot from a distance of up to 30 meters.

Users also can do in-camera shot-stacking, in which multiple shots of the same scene taken with different settings are combined into one photo. This makes it possible to get images in which both the foreground and background are in focus. The device is demo’d in the following video.

Sources: Arsenal

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