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Trams, partly designed by Peugeot, are linking cities of France and Germany

Posted June 8, 2017

Europe is still a wonderful place to live, because you can travel so freely and enjoy biggest achievements of this old civilization. For example, recently a new tram line has been opened. Seems like a boring piece of news, but it is not an ordinary tram line – not only it connects two cities, but it also crosses border between Germany and France. Also, Peugeot got involved in designing the tram.

Citadis tram looks modern and welcoming – you can clearly see some details borrowed from the car world. Image credit: Peugeot

Peugeot Design Lab is a division in Peugeot company dedicated to producing futuristic looking designs. Passionate specialists design bicycles, toys, kitchen appliances, pianos and much more. Of course, Peugeot Design Lab is involved in designing concept cars as well as other means of transportation. For example, Airbus Helicopters or, more recently, the tram for the new Citadis line, linking downtown Strasbourg (Bas-Rhin, France) to the Kehl station in Germany.

Citadis tramway was designed in collaboration between Alstom’s Design & Styling department and the Peugeot Design Lab. It is meant to compliment he beauty of the city of Strasbourg while adding a needed touch of modernity. Trams themselves look very sleek, almost as if aerodynamics played a big role in the design of the vehicle. However, it is pure aesthetics – Citadis trams are designed to look modern and welcoming.

They feature a wrap-around tilted windscreen, which creates an illusion of dynamics and makes trams look a little bit futuristic. It is not ground-shakingly beautiful and does not look like it came from the future, but it looks free-flowing and agile. And definitely fits in the city of Strasbourg. You can see Peugeot’s touch to it too – the front wheels, the way the body moves is inspired by the curves of a car. Overall, it is a non-aggressive, modern and welcoming design.

No tram has been running between Strasbourg and Kehl for 72 years. This new line will connect the two cities, making daily commute easier and more enjoyable. In fact, Citadis is the first French cross-border tram line, which allowed it to gain international attention. However, the happiest people are 20,000 Strasbourg residents who work in Germany.

Peugeot Design Lab is famous for its futuristic functional designs. In fact, Citadis trams are unlikely to be ever mentioned in between the most successful Peugeot projects. However, it is very useful and will help thousands of people to reach their jobs.


Source: Peugeot

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