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Things You Need to Know Before Buying Samsung S8 / S8+

Posted May 29, 2017

After the hardware horror that Samsung encountered a few months back, now they are having a comeback. Samsung has finally launched the new addition to the Galaxy series. With a lot of smartphones coming in the store, Samsung made sure that Galaxy S8 will shut every competitor down. From the new face to the new features, Galaxy S8 is, up to date, the most innovative smartphone of 2017.

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Below are some of the few things about Galaxy S8 phone that everyone should know. There are a lot of main features. However, there is no assurance that it is the best features for a smartphone. Though Samsung made sure that Galaxy S8 picture will stand out, here are some of the things that uplift Galaxy S8 in the smartphone game.

1. Everyone’s new friend, Bixby.

Alongside with the release of Galaxy S8 is the birth of Bixby, Samsung’s own smart built-in digital assistant. Bixby is a lot different from others because it aims to support every task that is on the touchscreen.

Samsung designed Bixby not only for voice command, but it also functions using the camera. Bixby also comes with its hardware button. 

 2.The debut of the Infinity Display.

Samsung’s displays are always the best among others. This year, Samsung didn’t fail to surprise the market. They step up the game for the new display that visually shows the full length of a smartphone. Samsung called it Infinity Display, and indeed the new visual display will lead the new generations of smartphones.

The Galaxy S8 supports the up to date video standards that are only available to televisions. Samsung managed to enlarge their screen by using the Infinity Display. Almost 80% of the phone is made up of the display.

Samsung S8 and S8+ has an endless display, so people can’t see where the glass started and where it ends. The Infinity Display is a notable success for Samsung.

3. New processes of authentication

Each smartphone has their authentication like pins and patterns, but Samsung once again took a step further. The retina iris scanner changes the game as it features in Galaxy S8 as its new biometric authentication.

Samsung also added a fast facial recognition authentication, though some Android has been using it for years now. However, the only thing that it differs from others is that it is fast – a blink-of-an-eye speed.

 4. Goodbye, home button.

Galaxy S7 featured fingerprint touch, but with Galaxy S8, Samsung omitted the home button and transferred the fingerprint scanner on the back next to the camera lens. As Samsung says goodbye to the home button, they welcome the virtual one.

Galaxy S8 and S8+ has no physical home button but rather a virtual home button. Samsung transformed into a clean and sleek version by getting rid of the perceived hindrances. The new home button when pressed gives a haptic feedback as a response.

Samsung made huge changes both in the physical and software aspects to showcase an innovative phone of the new era.

5. The Galaxy S8 still has an earphone jock.

Yes, S8 and S8+ still retained the 3.5 mm earphone jock. No need to worry about wearing wireless earbuds, Samsung still haven’t let go of its wires.

6. It is still waterproof.

Okay, that is not new news but still a good thing. Galaxy S8 and S8+ are both still waterproof.

7. Better outside and best inside.

Galaxy is indeed the leading smartphone released in 2017, at the moment. Besides the bezel-less display and retina iris scanner feature, the Galaxy S8 and S8+ are also jam packed with some serious firepower inside. Both smartphones have the latest Snapdragon 835 SoC inside. However other markets will have the home-grown Exynos 8895 chip.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 which is 5.8-inch and S8+ which is 6.2-inch both have Super AMOLED displays that are pressure sensitive. Also, it has QHD+ display resolutions which are 2400 x 2960 pixels. Both the smartphones will be 4GB of RAM while South Korea and China will have 6GB RAM variants. It will also run on Android 7.0 Nougat.


Samsung added tons of new features to their new flagship. With the latest innovation packed inside and outside the Galaxy S8 and S8+, the price of the phone can get a little crazy as well.

Written by Iman Bahrani, CEO and Founder of, an Expert SEO in Brisbane

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