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Machine learning and DataViz 2-Day hackathon

Posted May 23, 2017

HubRaum is a startup space in Krakow, Poland Credit: HubRaum

2-Day Hackathon &€“ Data Adventures

30 hours of coding. Mars to Earth. Sweat and tears. Victory and reward.

That’s how one could summarize the first hackathon organized by Polish startup The Data Adventures hackathon, following last year’s Mars Express Machine Learning Challenge, is supported by the space operations data analytics team at the European Space Agency.

Participants will be invited to use their knowledge of artificial intelligence to improve the operations of a spacecraft actually orbiting Mars. Teams will be tasked to develop a prediction of Mars Express‘s power demand or create an interactive visualization of Mars Express and its activities through each orbit.

Programmers, coders, data analysts and designers will have to demonstrate not only technical knowledge, but also the ingenuity and ability to effectively present their solution. To find a way to the judges’ hearts and brains, the solution will have to be presented in a substantive and convincing way. The jury will be composed of, among others, Dr Redouane Boumghar from the European Space Agency, and Rafal‚ Cycon„, the CTO of, each of whom specialise in separate fields and who will pay careful attention to all aspects of the team solutions.

The Data Adventures hackathon initiator is a Polish company,, founded in 2013, specializing in artificial intelligence and big data. The endeavor itself is, for its CTO, Rafal‚ Cycon„, an unprecedented event.

“We were really motivated after finishing in the top three at last year’s Mars Express power challenge, and we are happy to work again this year with the data science team at ESA,” says Rafal‚.

“This hackathon is a great opportunity for participants to not only have fun, but also to work with real open datasets prepared by engineers at the European Space Agency.”

Apart from the competition itself, many surprises and additional activities await participants.

The organizers will not only provide catering, energy drinks, souvenir t-shirts, swag and healthy stretching sessions but also a variety of insightful technical lectures on AI and machine learning conducted by experts in their fields.

“Feeding the body and mind, this is an excellent networking opportunity as well as a chance to have fun with data,” says ESA’s Redouane Boumghar.

Data Adventures will take place 27-28 May in Krakow, Poland. Registration details can be found at and on the fanpage at

Source: ESA Rocket Science blog

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