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Watch out, Tesla – the new Nissan Leaf will have an impressive range and handsome looks

Posted May 19, 2017

Nissan Leaf is the most popular electric car in the world. It did what others considered impossible for the time – it convinced people that electric cars can be good for an average commuter and they can be reasonably affordable. Nissan Leaf came out in 2010 so it is about time for a new model. Nissan is already teasing public with some pictures.

The new Nissan Leaf as we know it – Nissan released a picture of its headlight only. Image credit: Nissan

Nissan just released the first official picture of the coming generation of Leaf. Sure we saw some spy shots of heavily camouflaged car, but you really couldn’t see anything. On the other hand, Nissan for now is not showing much – it is just one headlight. But for automotive journalists it is already giving some clear clues what Leaf is turning into.

The new Leaf is going to look much sharper and edgier. It might be too inaccurate to call it sporty, but you never know. The truth is that Nissan, as all major car manufacturers, has to follow trends. And currently edgy design languages are rather popular. You can see it in the headlight picture that Nissan released through its social media channels as well as sent it to current Leaf owners. There is a strict line slashing headlight in half. You can also see a couple of bright square shapes for the design of the different purpose lights. Finally, the entire headlight seems to have what we call an aggressive shape – it is slanted to give car a more dynamic and angry look. Almost like cat eyes.

The new Leaf is likely to take some design cues from the smaller Micra. Image credit: Nissan

Automotive journalists are certainly intrigued. Nissan has a long history of automotive sports and there was a prototype Leaf racer. Who know, maybe the new Leaf will be more of a hot hatch? It is likely to have many common features with the new Nissan Micra, so maybe it is just looks that will be striking?

The new generation of Nissan Leaf is expected to have a range of almost 550 kilometres, but many models with different battery packs are likely to be offered. This top of the range model will easily beat competition – it will be able to go almost 150 km further on a single charge than the latest Renault Zoe.

The new Leaf is going to arrive only next year. Until that time Nissan is going to show more and more details and, eventually, technical specifications. The first Leaf was a massive hit – more than 260,000 were sold. Nissan hopes that the second one will follow these footsteps successfully.


Source: Nissan

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