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Super Sensor Keeps Watch Over The Room

Posted May 18, 2017

A team at Carnegie Mellon University developed a single device that uses a nine sensors to monitor an entire room’s regular appliances. It plugs into a regular wall outlet, and keeps watch over the room by nine sensors that commonly crop up in smart home devices. It detects light, sound, vibrations, temperature, heat, and electromagnetic signals, then uses machine learning algorithms to figure out what that data means. The algorithms can identify when and how certain devices are being used based on the sounds and vibrations they make.

The prototype, which the team calls a Synthetic Sensor can tell where in a cycle a device might be, listening out for when a microwave is running, interrupted or finished, or pinging your phone if the oven’s been left on. It could know when the occupants are sleeping, up  or away. It could calculate how much toilet paper is left before you need to restock, or how much water is being used by how long the tap has been running.

The Synthetic Sensor doesn’t have camera integrated concerning about a privacy. Since it gathers a sensitive data, the device processes and stores it all locally. It’s just a prototype at this stage, so there’s unknown when, if ever, the it could make it to market. The system can be seen in action in the video below.

Source: Gierad Laput

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