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Folding Electric Fat Tire Bicycle

Posted May 15, 2017

There are so many electric bikes in the market with all shape and sizes, but not folding fat tire with 26-inch wheels and 750-watt powertrain. The Moar e-bike is a full-suspension fat-tire folder features a heat-treated 6061 aluminum frame that folds in half via a hinge at the top tube. Folding pedals further shrink the bike’s footprint during storage and transport.

The company has developed three models relying on two powertrain options: a 750-watt-rated mid-drive motor and a 500-watt-rated rear hub motor. The motor controller regulates output to maintain the desired level of pedal-assist of five modes. There’s also a thumb throttle for direct motor output.

The top speed is reduced to 32 km/h to meet regulations and this is unlockable to the 45 km/h for the 750-watt mid-motor. The battery has enough power for between 48 and 137 km of range depending on the driving style factors. It has an integrated lighting system with 1,000-lumen LED dual-headlight system, LED taillight, turn signals and brake lights. With the battery in place, it weights only a 32 kg. Moar is currently at the prototype stage and successfully raised development funding on Indiegogo.

Source: Indiegogo

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