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Nissan’s Project Basecamp, brave and indestructible, could tackle anything nature can throw at it

Posted May 13, 2017

Old time explorers used to cover difficult terrain by foot or horses. But it is different time now and modern explorations require modern transport. Nissan just created a Nissan Titan XD PRO-4X pickup to tackle on everything nature may throw at it. Although it is based on a normal road vehicle, it really wouldn‘t like to live in a city.

The Nissan TITAN XD has a 5 litre diesel engine, producing 310 horsepower and impressive 752 Nm of torque. Image credit: Nissan

This specially modified car, called “Project Basecamp”, is meant to appeal to overlanding enthusiasts, who are always searching for places that tourists do not go to, because they can’t. Although this car is just a demonstration for the Overland Expo 2017 WEST, it could serve as an inspiration to actual truck owners who want a little bit more from their pickup trucks. It is based on a normal Titan XD PRO-4X Crew Cab anyway.

Nissan says that Titan XD PRO-4X Crew Cab already is a good vehicle for off-roading, because it has a heavy duty ladder frame, 5.0 l. V8 turbo diesel engine, various features in the load bed and so on. But overlanding is a whole new level of adventure – you cannot go overlanding even in a good mass production pickup truck. And so Titan had to grow some muscles.

Project basecamp cot a suspension upgrade and some new tires. Also, it got new looks to match is muscles. Image credit: Nissan

At first you will notice it has new hiking shoes – maximum off-road-traction 35×12.50×17 tires mounted on 17-inch beadlock aluminum-alloy wheels. To give it a little bit more clearance, it has a lift kit, raising it around 3 extra inches. Then there are new air springs, an air-levelling compressor and more tech to make suspension pretty much bomb proof.

Of course, in the process of becoming an off-road monster, Titan had to undergo a plastic surgery. Nissan Titan XD PRO-4X has new custom front and rear bumpers, aggressive fender flares and cab-length rock sliders, custom hood, light bar and chase lights with fog and spot lights. When going gets tough and eventually it gets stuck in the mud, a powerful winch is here to get the pickup out of trouble. And then there is a long list of survival gear with racks filled with essentials and a cage in the load bed to support the main accessory of every camp – a tent.

Tent can be erected straight on the cage in the load bed. Image credit: Nissan

Nissan says that Nissan Titan XD PRO-4X is going to be the dream of off-road lovers, who like driving somewhere, where most cars cannot go. Fred Diaz, division vice president and general manager, North America Trucks and Light Commercial Vehicles, Nissan North America (speak of long titles), said: “With the fully equipped Project Basecamp, it’s hard to decide whether getting there or staying there is more fun”.


Source: Nissan

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