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The World’s Longest Motorcycle Wheelie

Posted May 11, 2017

For some motorcyclist learning to wheelie is kind of fun part of motorcycling. For some it is irresponsible way of riding. The new Guinness World Record holder japanese Masaru Abe had a 13 hours on the back wheel with his 125cc scooter. Wheelie King has destroyed the previous record of 331.02 km set 26 years ago by his countryman Yasuyuki Kudo. Riding a Yamaha Jog 125 Masaru  Abe wheelied around a short oval track all day at a constant speed around 40 km/h. Refueling, eating and drinking on the go, he kept that little speed up on the back wheel until he clicked over the 500 kilometers.

After that, he collapsed in pain and exhaustion, barely able to hold the scooter upright. His both arms were numb from the pain and he had lost feeling in them. He was completely dehydrated and partially conscious. Here’s a 2-minute video of this stunt.

Source: Red Bull

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