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Wearing your earphones at the moment? You shouldn’t – 4 tips to save your hearing

Posted May 10, 2017

There are many trends of today’s life that are worrying scientists and doctors. You see, we do not take care of our bodies as much as we should, and it looks like we lost ability to identify harmful habits. For example, are you listening to music with your headphones? Are you doing it too much? Here are 4 tips how to avoid replacing earphones with hearing aid.

Listening to loud music may quickly cause irreversible damage to your hearing. Image credit: Kashirin Nickolai via Wikimedia

This is not a joke – it is a serious problem. It is estimated that as many as 1 billion of young people are at risk of hearing loss. The usual cause – personal music devices not used properly. University of Alberta hearing expert Melanie Campbell started a program called Sound Sense to teach 12-13 year old children to use music devices safely. This age is very important, because at around this time teenagers start using smartphones more, doing chores around the house and going to the concerts.

But really, everyone should be concerned about their hearing, if they are listening to a lot of music or work in a noisy environment. Noise induced hearing loss is very gradual and therefore can be easily missed until it’s too late. It destroys delicate hair cells in the ear that can’t be repaired. At first, background sounds are missed and then it starts effecting conversation. People stop hearing consonants. They suspect that the other person is mumbling, but really they are just losing hearing.

Here are 4 tips how to avoid noise-induced hearing loss:

Ask to turn it down. Oftentimes people are shy about asking others to turn down their music. But they shouldn’t be – it is their right. And people should mind other when blasting music – not everyone likes it that loud.

Keep your distance. Walk away from sources of loud noise. Distance is the key in reducing damage from loud noises.

How loud should it be? Listen to your common sense. Many people don’t know how loud they can safely listen to music. But it is not that hard to determine when music is too loud. You should be able to have a normal conversation while music is playing.

Plug it up. Use earplugs to take the edge off of extreme noises. Wear them to the clubs, concerts, sporting events and even while mowing the lawn, doing woodworking or spending long time next to a dryer.

Noise induced hearing loss is not reversible. So you have to be smart and protect yourself. Music is as enjoyable at safe volume as it is blasting full power.


Source: University of Alberta

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