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Swinging Robot Tarzan

Posted May 3, 2017

Scientists are creating a plant-inspecting robots, that could perform the task autonomously. Most of those robots are wheeled and they could get stuck or fall over, with that in mind, engineers from Georgia Tech have created a prototype robot that swings over the plants like a monkey and is called Tarzan.

In fields where this robot is being used, each row of plants will have a strung wire running overhead. Using its two arms, the robot will swing itself along that wire. When it gets to the end of one row, it will just swing over to the wire running above the next row over, and start making its way back with camera that records plants. This will be repeated several times until it covers the whole field. The robot will transmit photos the farmer’s computer, where algorithms would be used to analyze the images that may show signs of dehydration, disease or other problems.

This robot was inspired by the sloth and is designed to be very energy-efficient. It might also be purely solar-powered. Tarzan can be seen in action the video below.

Source: Georgia Tech

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