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European Satellite Navigation Competition

Posted May 3, 2017

The international contest annually awards the best services, products, and business ideas using satellite navigation in everyday life. Its mission is to spur the development of marketdriven applications based on satellite navigation technologies. Since 13 years, the competition proofs that satellite navigation technologies open the door to myriad applications!

The ESNC is the accelerating instrument for space‐related entrepreneurs and startups, providing Europe with path‐breaking novelties. Since its initiation in 2004, the ESNC has always been scouting the most forward‐thinking applications based on satellite navigation and remains to set benchmark levels of space‐related innovations for Europe. The spectrum of submitted business ideas reflects the manifold opportunities made possible by this future‐oriented technology: from healthcare and leisure to traffic management and other rail, sea, and air transport logistics, individuals and entire industries alike can benefit from satellite navigation.

No matter what stage a pioneering idea is at, the ESNC provides support for innovative ideas at each development stage, with the ultimate aim to turn them into real business cases. Thus, the diversity offered by the ESNC and its entire network are best described as “service all along the value chain”. Thereby, the ESNC is not only the prestigious competition for GNSS‐related ideas but also serves as Europe‐wide and effective support mechanism for entrepreneurs and startups.

The competition represents a network of innovation and expertise of more than 20 global partner regions. Within the past thirteen years more than 11,000 developers took part in the ESNC with a panel of currently more than 250 judges assigned with the evaluation of the submissions. The hottest topics of the space sector, regarding Europe’s global satellite navigation system (E-GNSS) are addressed on an annual basis with a 3 months submission period from 1 April to 30 June.

The 14th edition of the ESNC offers prizes worth more than EUR 1 Mio, comprising both cash and in-kind services tailored to help you boost your business. Choose the regional challenge that would best support your business case from more than 20 partner regions worldwide. Double your chances to win and have a look what our Special Prizes can offer you. The Overall Winner will be selected from among all Regional and Special Prize winners. In addition, the TOP 10 winners will be eligible for selection as one of three candidates to receive incubation support (value of over EUR 60,000 each) as part of the E-GNSS Accelerator programme, co-financed by the European Commission.



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