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An incredible bus for touring around Europe – how does it have 20 beds?

Posted April 23, 2017

Did you know that original stretched limousines were invented for band tours? Extra space was needed for musical instruments and band members. But nowadays tour buses are used for this purpose and are much more practical. For example, now MAN Bus Modification Center is showing how it turned a double decker into perfect touring bus for artists.

9 bunk beds are installed in the second floor – with an additional bed at the rear, bus has 20 beds. Image credit: MAN

This house on wheels with 20 beds was created for the firm Happyday Hanke. Neoplan was transformed into a machine that can transport artists to the show and allow them to rest comfortably when needed. It may not be relevant for you and we can imagine such thing cost and arm and a leg, but who does not want to dream about a perfect party bus for the next road trip? With 20 beds!

On the outside there are some new LED strips around the edges, but it really does not look different from a normal Neoplan Skyliner. However, this image changes as soon as you step inside. On the first floor there are some nice tables and catering facilities. Of course, there is also a WC with a shower – 63-litter fresh water tank should be enough for many showers. The second floor is even more amazing – as soon as you climb upstairs you will find many beds, surrounding the central allay.

On the outside tour bus looks like a normal Neoplan Skyliner. Image credit: MAN

18 beds are arranged as bunk beds along each wall of the bus and then there is rear lounge, which can be transformed into a bed in just a few steps. There is also an additional little folding bed near the driver, where he can rest. This bus really is amazing and pictures would make ever bus traveller jealous. Just imagine, how much more comfortable the trip across Europe would be, if you could lay down in your own personal bed.

However, the most impressive part about this bus is that it is modular. It means that it does not take much effort to modify the interior configuration. Maybe 20 beds are not needed, so some of them can be replaced with different comfort features. Or it could be turned back into a normal Neoplan Skyliner.

Hi-Fi and air conditioning systems are here to make people comfortable. Image credit: MAN

And, of course, it as such features as dual-zone rear air conditioning system that can regulate the upper and lower decks individually, integrated hi-fi equipment and multimedia system with various monitors, and all kinds of safety equipment. Tours around Europe take weeks or even months, so it is important that artists are comfortable. It sure looks like they will be in this one.


Source: MAN

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