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Subaru Ascent – an interesting contender in a crowded market

Posted April 22, 2017

SUV‘s are all the rage these days. It is not that we suddenly got taller and bigger, or decided to drive to remote forest campsite every weekend. It is just that people decided that SUV‘s are cool, safe and practical. And, of course, Subaru, a company famous for its four wheel drive system, has to step into this segment too.

Subaru Ascent has flared wheel arches, underlining its all-wheel drive character. Image credit: Subaru

Subaru just revealed its Ascent SUV Concept. Although it is still called a “concept”, it does give a good idea how the production car will look like. It is meant to satisfy the needs of American drivers – it is big and its design is both bold and solid. However, it is not about the looks – it is all about practicality. Subaru Ascent will have three rows of seats – 7 people will be able to make themselves comfortable in a rather luxurious cabin.

There are 7 seats in the rather luxurious cabin. Image credit: Subaru

Exterior of the Ascent looks promising. It does not look like a concept car – it might as well go to the street straight from the New York International Auto Show. As company describes it, Ascent features Subaru’s “Dynamic x Solid” theme. It has flared wheel arches that are meant to give the car a muscular look and strong presence on the road. Furthermore, it should underline the true spirit of Subaru – all-wheel drive system. Ascent will be powered by a new Boxer direct injection turbo engine. Since the car is primarily meant for the American market, it is probably going to use petrol.

Ascent’s interior focuses around a modern dashboard. Image credit: Subaru

That is the thing – Subaru Ascent is going to be built and sold in US. It looks like an American car, because it is. However, it is being constructed on the Subaru Global Platform, so maybe we will eventually see it in Europe too. Large SUV’s are getting popular here too. Subaru Ascent is going against Audi Q8, Volvo XC90, BMW X5, Range Rover Sport and some other impressive cars, it is going to be interesting competition. Maybe that is why Subaru is taking a long time to develop the Ascent.

Subaru Ascent is recognizable and simple – should appeal to the American market. Image credit: Subaru

Subaru’s of the past have been criticised for their interior quality. It is not that they were not built rigidly – it is just that material choices made the car feel cheap. Ascent, however, is going to change that. Car wants to move upmarket and thus will use better materials. Interior will be centred around a flowing dashboard design. Interestingly, three seat bench is going to be the third row and not the middle one, unlike similar European cars.

Subaru Ascent will go on road in 2018. We will have a better idea how it fairs against competition then. But so far, so good.


Source: Subaru

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