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Renault revealed how Formula 1 cars will look in 2027 – amazing

Posted April 20, 2017

Formula 1 is the pinnacle of the automotive sport. Extremely expensive cars, perfected through innovation and engineering efforts push entire sport and industry forward. A lot of technology that has been developed in Formula 1 has already stepped into the world of common. And, of course, Formula 1 is also a lot of fun to watch. Now Renault revealed how it imagines Formula 1 cars will look like in 2027.

R.S. 2027 Vision will feature a transparent canopy and driver’s helmet. Image credit: Renault

Formula 1 cars went through many changes throughout the history. Many people say that nowadays all cars look the same, but if you look at the timeline, there have always been innovations in the frame of regulations and rules of this sport. Renault has been involved in Formula 1 for 40 years and therefore knows a thing or two about racing car design and how rules are likely to change in the coming decade. Now it is presenting its vision at Auto Shanghai 2017.

One of the most obvious changes is the closed cockpit. Formula 1 cars never had roofs, but in the future they probably will, in order to improve aerodynamics. However, Renault is using this opportunity to make it transparent, so that people could see the driver in the action. Helmet is made transparent for the same reason too. Canopy itself would make this sport just that little bit safer, but safety equipment does not stop here.

Huge rear wing is not going to dominate the car anymore. Image credit: Renault

There will also be an autonomous mode, activated in the case of the accident, and cars will be communicating between themselves. Of course, spectators are not forgotten either. They will see telemetry data at real time and will be excited to see aerodynamic components move as they will be illuminated with LED strips.

Finally, Formula 1 is going to be more and more eco-conscious. Of course, as there is Formula E, Formula 1 cars are not going to become fully electric. However, they will feature a fully electric mode, which will be perfect for pit lanes. Fuel tank will be halved by 2027 too, which will be achieved with greater engine efficiency and sleeker body of the racing car.

Drivers will be the main focus of the Formula 1 in the future. Image credit: Renault

Speaking of aerodynamics, big wing at the back is gone. Downforce on the rear axle is going to be achieved through much more subtle aerodynamic shapes. Engine remains at the back, but some changes to the philosophy of the Formula 1 car are going to be made. For example, R.S. 2027 Vision will have a four-wheel drive and four-wheel steering systems.

Renault thinks that these changes will bring more fans to the sport. Faster and more dynamic cars are going to put a good show for the spectators, but will it still be fun to watch on TV? Will the noise return? We will have to wait for 10 years to see if Renault’s vision was at least close to what we are going to get.


Source: Renault

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