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Five most interesting professions in auto industry: do you want to test seats or smell them?

Posted April 20, 2017

Automotive industry is huge. Nowadays small car manufacturers struggle to survive, as they cannot afford maintaining a large number of employees from various different fields. One might imagine that building a car requires just a handful of people – assembly process is largely automatic anyway. But there are some quite funny professions in the auto industry.

Inspecting car unpleasant smells is more important than you might think. Image credit: SEAT

SEAT, a Spanish car manufacturer, is sharing a variety of interesting news from its production plants. Company likes revealing some of the processes involved in making high quality cars. It really puts things into perspective, when you see people wearing lab coats and using extremely expensive electron microscopes. Car manufacturing is not as it used to be. SEAT now shares five most interesting professions in the automotive industry. Who knows, maybe someone will get inspired to pursue one of these careers.

The first driver. Cars have to be broken in, in order to be reliable. When you buy a brand new car, you have to be a little bit more careful with how you use it in the first thousand kilometres or so. In SEAT there is a team of drivers, who drive every single car before it leaves the factory. They check for undesirable noises, how suspension works on six different types of pavement, whether horn and lights work and so on.

The clay sculptor. Designing a new car is a demanding task, mostly accomplished using computer graphics. But when it comes to real life, car might look completely different. That is why manufacturers use clay models. CNC machines are used to create them, but sculptors have to do some work as well.

Clay models allow designers to see how the finished car will look like. Image credit: SEAT

The car tailor. You go to tailor to get a custom suit made, but the job of car tailor might actually be even more difficult. They create patterns and stitch the pieces together. More than 30 metres of seams are needed to fully upholster an entire car.

The seat tester. How is that for a job description – designing and testing car seats in SEAT factory? This is actually quite an exhausting task, as various combinations of foam and fabric need to be tested, as well as folding operations. Not only people with all body types have to be comfortable, but it is also a question of safety – headrests have to be tested to ensure maximum protection from neck injuries.

Seat testers search for more comfortable shapes and materials, but are also trying to improve safety. Clay models allow designers to see how the finished car will look like. Image credit: SEAT

Car sommeliers. Bad smells can be irritating, especially if you cannot get rid of them. And everyone likes the smell of a new car. A team at SEAT performs more than 400 smell tests every year, to detect unpleasant smells early. Interestingly, these people cannot smoke or wear perfume, in order to maintain accuracy of the tests.

Working in car industry is actually a very good idea. Job might be exhausting, but it is rewarding and very interesting. Furthermore, car companies are always between best employees in various rankings.


Source: SEAT

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