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5 Reasons Why Canon EOS 80D Camera Is Made For Vlogging

Posted April 20, 2017

Vlogging is a trendy way to take a simple idea and to turn it into a video on almost every topic. However, the main disadvantage of vlogs is that people are shooting videos outside of an actual studio environment, where lighting and sound can’t be controlled.

Without the right camera, too much time and energy can be wasted on different things, which will make it almost impossible to shoot daily videos and you will soon lose the desire to become a YouTuber. That being said, it is important to choose a versatile and well-designed device like the Canon 80D, which has all the important tools to help you with your vlogs. The following camera comes with a creative set of tools and intelligent Viewfinder with approximately 100 percent coverage. This device is well suited for taking still photos, as well as for vlogging, mainly because it allows the users to shoot Full HD videos at 60fps. So it is a camera suited to the needs of vloggers, and here are 5 practical reasons why.

1. Powerful Autofocus Capabilities

While taking a picture it’s important to have a steady image and the ability to adjust the focus “On the Fly” which modern cameras can do automatically. The ability to keep a clear focused shot on a single moving person in a crowd is important because most objects do not remain stationary. To accomplish this Canon EOS 80D uses a powerful 24.2 megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor and a new generation of Dual Pixel AF in order to provide smooth and fast autofocus that locks on the subject with a single tap on an articulating screen. The following system is incredibly handy for bloggers because it allows the user to keep their attention on framing the actual subject on the screen and not worrying about whether it’s in focus or not.

2. Articulating Touch Screen Monitor

The hardest part of shooting a daily vlog is that you always need to frame your image in the camera and sometimes it’s really hard to achieve, mainly because majority of so-called Best Vlogging Cameras don’t include an articulating screen. However, the Canon 80D comes with a touch screen that rotates up to 270 degrees vertically and 175 degrees horizontally, which makes it ideal for any type of situation and what’s more important you would be able to see your image even if you are using the camera in selfie mode. So video can be shot from a variety of angles, without losing sight of what is on the monitor screen itself. Another great bonus is that the screen is touch sensitive and displays a clearer image even in bright light, which makes it perfect for shooting videos even outside of your studio.

3. Almost perfect ISO Range

ISO is an essential element for the photographers, mainly for their creative process and it’s always challenging to find a perfect lighting condition if you are shooting videos outside. To solve this problem and provide even lighting conditions in all situations Canon 80D comes with an ISO range of 100-12800 which is expandable to 16000/25600.  Moreover, camera features DIGIC 6 image processor with noise-reduction technology that provides outstanding lighting condition for shooting youtube vlogs in any light conditions.

4. High Dynamic Range Movie Mode

If you want to become a professional vloger you need to choose a camera that can shoot anywhere no matter the quality of the light. The Canon ESO 80D uses High Dynamic Range to capture two different HD movie frames at different exposure and then a smart sensor combines this footage into one single video for playback at 30fps. This feature is extremely handy in contrast lighting conditions when shadows details and high range of highlights need to be captured.

5. Wireless Control And Connectivity

The ability to control camera functions wirelessly using a smartphone or tablet is a welcome addition. It opens a lot more opportunities for the camera operator to create stunning images while remotely controlling the camera.  The EOS 80D uses a compact design for controlling the new wireless interface, a free app called Canon Camera Connect. In addition, to live camera view users can now upload and share images on different social media platforms though Canon image gateway system.  Also, the built-in  NFC  allows photographers to seamlessly connect the camera with numerous android or IOS device to save different files and export photos within in a minute.  The only problem with the following system is that it doesn’t allow to share videos through the Canon Camera Connect app.

Bonus: Casey Neistat has used it in their Vlogs

Casey Neistat was also using Canon 80D as a daily vlogging camera, but now he switched over to his 70D. The main reason why he didn’t like the 80D was the issue with new firmware and he also complained about problems with the audio input, which seem to be problematic while using two different microphones. Feature-wise many photographers and video bloggers might say that Canon 80D doesn’t offer a significant step up from its predecessor. Despite the fact that autofocus system has improved everyone was expecting to see a 4k video, but unfortunately, we have to wait until Canon fixes those issues and finally upgrades image sensor and processor to bring 4k footage in their flagship models.

For The Vlogger Who Already Has Everything

At the end, if you are a looking to upgrade your current vlogging equipment and invest money in a more serious camera it’s a great choice, especially if  YouTube vlogging as a full-time job for you.

The Canon 80D can also be a perfect choice if you are looking for an enthusiast camera with an articulating touchscreen. Plus, it has almost identical button layout which should be great news for Canon fans as they are used to previous models. All the switches provide deep and more tactile grip which is extremely comfortable for shooting videos. The Wi-Fi and NFC are also very welcome inclusions and the fact that Canon’s app is working without any bugs makes it an ideal camera for any situation. The ISO range has also increased and now it can be expanded to 25,600 which is extremely handy for shooting in low light conditions. The frame buffer has also increased to 100 JPEGS and now you can get 25 RAWs instead of 16 compared to the 70D model.

However, the most important selling point for Canon is that this camera is made purely for YouTube vloggers and people who love shooting videos at 30fps. The 80D can also capture Full HD at 60fps without needing any additional memory card or adjustment, which is why canon is so popular among famous photographers and vlogger across the world.

Written by Martin Agger

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