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Volkswagen ready to introduce a new car – 3-in-1 combination for luxury lovers

Posted April 14, 2017

Volkswagen is coming out strong from the infamous dieselgate scandal. Its new strategy is creating fully electric cars, featuring some interesting design, which should, probably, make them more appealing. Now company is ready to reveal a new car in its I.D. family, but this seems to be quite a novel concept. It will be three cars in one.

A new car in I.D. family is a four door coupe, a crossover and an SUV in one. Image credit: Volkswagen.

I.D. family already has a couple of cars in it. Last year Volkswagen introduced a small hatchback, which is more or less what people think of electric cars – a simple city runabout. Earlier this year I.D. BUZZ, a small minivan, inspired by the legendary Type 2 minibus was revealed. Although neither of these cars are going to enter production any time soon, Volkswagen thinks that it is about time to introduce a third concept car to I.D. family and it has to have a totally different character from the first two. This one will be a crossover, four-door coupé and sport utility vehicle (SUV) in one.

It is hard to imagine such combination, but think of a BMW X6 or a Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupé – that is approximately what we can expect the new Volkswagen to look like. It is not a car for everyone, as its body design is quite peculiar, but it is modern and answers to today’s trends. It is supposed to be a good all-round vehicle.

This new Volkswagen I.D. car will have an impressive electric range, levels of comfort and refinement and flexible interior design. It will be ideal for every day commuting as well as going on longer road trips. Of course, as other I.D. cars, this one will be autonomous too. With one press of a button steering wheel disappears and car starts driving itself towards destination of your choice. Safely and efficiently. Laser scanners, ultrasonic and radar sensors and cameras are used to make this autonomous drive possible.

So this car has a very specific place in Volkswagen’s I.D. family – it will be a luxury vehicle, while the hatchback is meant for urban driving and I.D. BUZZ is meant for people who are more passionate about style. Volkswagen has set an important goal for itself – to advance electric drive vehicles from the status of a start-up niche to large-scale production models by the middle of the next decade. Volkswagen hopes to launch a strong production offensive at that time, mostly using new fully-electric models.

This new concept is going to be introduced officially at Auto Shanghai 2017 (19 to 29 April). It is unlikely to surprise anyone with its design, but technology is definitely impressive. Tesla Motors should be watching it closely, as the competition may become excessively stiff in the market in the next decade.


Source: Volkswagen

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