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McLaren to build more bespoke supercars and direct F1 successor is coming too

Posted April 7, 2017

McLaren is one of the top supercar manufacturers in the world. This name is legendary in motorsports and company is on a rise after it was reborn in 2009 with the introduction of first concepts. However, there is one area where it was always in the shadow of Ferrari – bespoke cars. Now it is about to change.

McLaren Hyper-GT is going to be a spiritual successor to the legendary F1 supercar. Image credit: McLaren

McLaren Special Operations is a very special department within the structure of McLaren cars. It is responsible for building limited production cars and extensive customization options for the most hardcore McLaren customers. Back in 2012 MSO responded to a wish of one very wealthy customer and built a completely bespoke one-off X-1 supercar. It was meant to look a little bit more elegant than the MP4-12C that it was based on. The lucky man who placed the order for the X-1 wanted a McLaren he could drive to the opera.

And X-1 was really an amazing looking car. It looked expensive, because it was, and elegance was just dripping from it. It has a custom body with covered rear wheels. Paintjob was no ordinary either, featuring some golden elements and a rich dark colour. McLaren X-1 caught public eye so much that more people wanted to buy it, but McLaren remained cold to these requests – it was one-off to that specific customer.

X-1 was surprisingly elegant – owner wanted something to drive to the opera. Image credit: McLaren

Now McLaren says that it is going to build more of one-off cars in its MSO division – at least 2-3 every year. Each car is going to take up to two years to complete and should be a marvellous sight. However, we may not see them if customers decide to hide them from public eye.

What we are going to see is limited production cars. Not so long ago everyone was talking about P1 hybrid hypercar, which went against such names as Ferrari LaFerrari and Porsche 918 Spyder. There were 375 standard P1’s built. But it was not a real successor to the legendary three-seater F1 that still holds the speed record of a naturally aspirated car. And so McLaren responded – soon it will release the Hyper-GT – three-seater hyper car.

McLaren is going to use its MSO division to build more bespoke supercars. Image credit: McLaren

There will be 106 Hyper-GT’s made (the same number as F1’s) and it will have a hybrid powertrain, which comes as no surprise. Manual gearbox is also off the table, so it really will be like F1 only in its seating configuration and maybe some design cues. It will also be the most powerful and most aerodynamic road-going McLaren ever. And, as was stated before, it will be luxurious and refined – far from rugid and stripped-down P1.

McLaren is back in business at pushing boundaries. Us, normal mortals, are probably never going to drive the Hyper-GT, but there is always dreaming and hoping. And we sure do hope it is going to be a shocker, when it is revealed sometime before first deliveries in 2019.

Oh, and forget about buying one – all have been sold unseen.


Source: McLaren

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