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The new Huracán Polizia is not a toy – it is going to save lives

Posted April 6, 2017

Lamborghini never really cared about practicality. That is what makes this automotive manufacturer so great. It is free and crazy in a marvellous way. However, a new Huracán that has been given to the Italian Police is not just a pretty toy. It is actually quite a practical tool for the law enforcement.

Huracán Polizia is going to make people want to work in law enforcement. Image credit: Lamborghini

Lamborghini and Italian Police have a long history together. Famous brand of the raging bull has provided several cars to the police forces of the country in the past and it was about time that Huracán followed the tradition. For the most part, it is somewhat of a publicity stunt – police really does not need a supercar to catch speeding diesel Volkswagens. However, the new Huracán Polizia is actually not just a normal supercar with special colours – it is actually quite a handy vehicle.

Of course, paintjob is going to be the most visible part of this car. People like sharing pictures of the most interesting and bizarre police vehicles from across the globe and this one is ready to catch some eyes as well. White letters in Police Medium Blue paintjob were specially designed to match supercar’s edgy look. Huracán Polizia is going to be used by highway patrol service, and for first aid and emergency medical transport.

Police Medium Blue paintjob is traditional in Italy, but letter design has been changed to match edgy looks of the supercar. Image credit: Lamborghini

Mechanically it is a regular Lamborghini Huracán. It has a normally aspirated V10 that produces 610 HP and sound epic, all-wheel drive and P Zero Pirelli tires. It means that it can hit 100 kph in just 3.2 s and reach speeds of around 325 km/h. However, in the cabin it is not the usual Lamborghini. It has a tablet supplemented with a computer, recording equipment and a video camera. This equipment is used to record the work of the police. There are also gun holsters, police radio system, portable extinguisher and some other things. However, police operations, as in catching the bad guys, are not the only thing that the new Huracán Polizia is going to do.

The luggage compartment in the front of the Huracán Polizia has been specially modified to be refrigerated, making it suitable for urgent transport of organs to be transplanted. There is also a defibrillator, in case this car reaches the scene of the accident first. Interestingly, this is what Lamborghini cars of Italian Police do – every year supercars are delivering organs for transplantation.

The new Huracán Polizia is meant to save lives, working as an organ transportation vehicle. Image credit: Lamborghini

So the new Huracán Polizia is not just a toy or a publicity stunt. It is actually a usable and very much needed vehicle that saves lives. Hopefully, it will perform its duties well – raging bull to the rescue.


Source: Lamborghini

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