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New McLaren LEGO supercar will encourage children to become car designers

Posted April 6, 2017

McLaren is a fairly recent and yet already legendary supercar manufacturer. It makes one of the fastest and most technically advanced cars on the planet. However, it also has a pretty impressive line of toys. One of its latest creations is LEGO model of a McLaren 720S – the hottest brand‘s supercar.

The new LEGO McLaren 720S is meant to encourage children to think about car design. Image credit: McLaren

While it is cool to go shopping for genuine McLaren pieces to a toy store, these items actually have a very important purpose. Car culture always needs new blood. As car enthusiasts age, they tend to lure deeper and deeper into ads of vintage cars from their youth, while car industry is leaping forward with new technology. Sparking interest in cars early is thus very important for all of us.

This new LEGO Speed Champions McLaren 720S does not come alone – it is accompanied by a car designer minifigure. There is design studio desk, complete with coffee cup and original design sketch. It is meant to encourage children to think about this profession and to consider as their future career option. However, the main piece is the car.

Does this LEGO 720S look like the real thing to you? Image credit: McLaren

LEGO McLaren 720S model actually took a year to design, because of the complexity of the shape of the new supercar. Model had to be recognizable yet to maintain that LEGO style. So the LEGO model only reflects the most exciting parts of the 720S design. This entire scene is meant to represent the creation process of putting all the different ideas together in order to make the complete car. McLaren Automotive Chief Designer, Rob Melville said: “Building a model like this gives the next generation of McLaren enthusiasts a taste of just how exhilarating that moment is for designers.”

McLaren 720S is a new exciting supercar in brand’s Super Series. This line up of cars is in itself very new, but it has to evolve quickly in order to compete against offers from Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini and now Honda. And so the new 720S has a brand new 4.0 litter engine developing 720 horsepower, allowing car to reach 200 km/h in just 7.8 seconds. Orders are piling up already, but McLaren is planning some new exciting car debuts in the near future.

We will have to see how the LEGO version of the 720S is going to do. The main question is if it is recognizable enough. Some may say it looks too generic, while others may say that an actual die cast model is simply a better option for collectors. Good thing McLaren is offering those too then.


Source: McLaren

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