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Audi is designing slippers? Yes, and much more

Posted April 6, 2017

Audi is a well-known executive car manufacturer. There is no denying that Audi cars are at the top of this market segment in terms of quality and many people are dreaming about owning an R8 supercar or at least a fashionable city cruiser A1. However, Audi is much more than just cars. Just look at what they envisioned for air travellers.

An innovative serving tray will make the job of cabin crew just that little bit easier. Image credit: Audi

We have all been there. We go on a plane unprepared for a long journey and arrive tired and very grumpy. It really ruins the first day of your vacation if you cannot get comfortable on the flight. Audi has created some product concepts that are aiming to increase the well-being of passengers. For example, a new sleep mask made of softshell upper material serves one extra purpose – it can hold flat speakers, making them an interesting alternative to headphones. You could fall asleep listening to your favourite tunes or at least enjoy music better by isolating yourself from your surroundings.

Inserting a couple of flat speakers allows passengers to use the sleeping mask as a pair of headphones. Image credit: Audi

Audi also envisioned a Thermo Cape, which runs of USB and can warm up your shoulders and upper back. It provides yet another layer of comfort and relaxation, so needed during a long flight. Another product, aimed at letting people relax better, is slipper socks – flat-folded band of cloth with a sole, which transforms easily into a comfortable shoe. This product will help people with cold feet. Taking off your shoes during a long flight is one of those simple life pleasures. Finally, there is a seat cover, which has an integrated mattress. It allows passengers to fall asleep easier, which makes the entire flight pass by quicker.

Flat pieces of fabric quickly becomes a nice pair of slippers. Image credit: Audi

Audi cares about the crew too. They designed a novel serving tray. It is modular and indentations for storing crockery. There is also a new drinking glass, which should make serving easier and potentially safer. Job of the cabin crew is not easy, so it makes sense to make it a little bit more pleasant and safer with a new serving tray.

This little invention will help you relax by warming up your shoulders and upper back. Image credit: Audi

All these products have been created by Audi Industrial Design. Although this branch of the company is not so well-known as the automotive manufacturer, it is active for more than 30 years already. In this project Audi Industrial Design engineers were assisted by Spiriant specialist – people, who specialize in airline equipment. However, it is not clear, whether any of these concepts will ever become a reality. We sure hope to get our hands on that shoulder heater though.


Source: Audi

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