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Scientists: Women dress in active wear for no reason, but it is not a bad thing

Posted March 15, 2017

Many people have already noticed that sales of female active wear have been going through the roof. But it is not really because women exercise more – active wear became somewhat of a fashion statement as well as just simple comfortable clothing. However, is it a bad thing? A new study from Victoria University in Australia showed that popularity of active wear is actually encouraging people to be more active physically.

Popularity of active wear sometimes is sometimes parodied and laughed at

There are many jokes about active wear being very suitable for those lazy hours, when you do not want to think about style and just want something comfortable to run around town doing errands. And we see that quite often everywhere – girls walk around with colourful leggings and tops just randomly. One might think that they just completed an intense workout, but really most of them are wearing these clothing just because they like it. But do not label it “lazy wear” just yet, because scientists say that popularity of active wear is actually encouraging people to be more physically active.

Doing sports or just going out to the city – active wear is never a bad idea. Image credit: lululemon athletica via Wikimedia, CC BY 2.0

How does it work? It is not that women by this kind of clothes and then randomly decide to use them for their intended purpose. Clare Hanlon, one of the researchers, said: “Australian women want to make healthier lifestyle choices. Sometimes the first step is actually associating with it, wearing something that makes you feel healthier”. Wearing this type of clothing encourages women to walk more and to fit more physical activity into their busy schedules. Scientists say that growing industry of active wear should actually pay attention to this trend.

Active wear is usually sold in specialized sports stores. However, they are filled with various types of equipment, men’s clothing and so on. Women who want to wear active wear for situations other than exercise sessions, generally do not want to go to sports stores. For them, it is not really clothing meant for sports anyway. Therefore, scientists say that industry should focus on online sales and maybe even introduce active wear to conventional clothing stores meant just for women.

So what if a girl is wearing her colourful leggings to eat pizza? It is a good first step that might give her strong motivation to improve her physical health. It is a thousand times better than never even trying to make any steps towards being more physically active.


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