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Wireless Wearable That Blows Snowboard Binding Straps

Posted March 13, 2017

German company Avalanche Float Solutions introduced the latest avalanche safety device that uses pyrotechnics system to blow snowboard binding straps freeing the rider to rise to the top of the rushing snow. In an avalanche there is an “anchor effect” that can bury the snowboarder with the equivalent of up to 2 or 3 tons of downward force and there’s no way of effectively freeing yourself from the anchor.

If the rider start sliding in an avalanche, he can quickly pull the activation handle on the transmitter to automatically pop the bindings free. This safety system also features a wireless airbag system which activates after a trigger is pulled of, providing maximum burial prevention. The hardware is designed to work in temperatures down to -30° C and through the moisture and vibration inherent in snowboarding.

The company does not have an estimated launch time frame, but you can watch a video below to see how it works to keep snowboarders afloat and also includes a quick shot of the pyrotechnic modules firing off.

Source: Avalanche Float Solutions


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