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Explore, Experiment, Earn: It’s Mobile Advertising

Posted March 13, 2017

Advertising is a perfect blend of art and science of influencing people to take a call for action. The traditional AIDA concept of Attention, Interest, Desire and Action has transformed in a new way with the paradigm shift brought by technical innovation. Internet, mobile and programmatic is a killer combination changing the way we perceive advertising. A recent report from Juniper Research indicates that mobile phone and tablet users will make 195 billion mobile commerce transactions annually by 2019.

Technology is simplifying trading on new media for advertisers and making user-experience better and better with machine learning. In fact, data intelligence is now an old concept, we are closer to another enchanting reality- augmented intelligence where artificial intellect combines with human acumen to deliver great results.

Advertising is no more restricted to boundaries, it has become more accountable and personal with an intimidating medium like mobile. There are Organizations like Colombo & Hurd; a law firm that enhanced their conversions by 3x using dayparting feature, a feature that allows you to target your audience at a specific time of the day. They also included “call now” option that appears in their mobile ads turning a click into a phone call. Such examples are epitome depicting the potential of mobile advertising. Giant companies are busy in acquire adjacent companies aggressively, to build the world’s largest mobile advertising player.

Mobile offers an opportunity for personalization that other media cannot match: even standard campaigns generate response rates typically ten times higher than those on the fixed Internet. Advertisers are inclined towards reaching the right set of audience and seek engagement, to get the bang for their buck. BizReport noted that nearly 60% of those surveyed in the U.K. indicate that they have purchased something from their mobile device in the last month alone. Mobile is impacting our day to day life and purchase decisions indeed and the best part of the mobile advertising is the opportunity it holds for small businesses.

How can one make the most out of a small advertising budget? What are the ways to use mobile advertising effectively? The following are some of the basic measures taken by smart advertisers, who are doing great with their campaigns. They don’t have huge budgets but they have smart mobile marketing strategies-

Innovative Approach:

Think about creatives, landing pages or websites. There are two aspects that matter.

– Content: the king

– Design: intelligence made visible

One cannot get higher ROIs from an unattractive shallow mobile template. In modern times ‘high-value content’ plays a critical role in brand lift. Thus, formulating a highly functional mobile-friendly website that attracts your customers is the first step to your success.

“Our top-notch clients avoid being too intrusive, they make money because they are not too interfering and annoying.” shared Ankit Soni, the CEO of MobiVisits, a fast-growing mobile advertising firm. Spare your customers! For customers, life is not all about viewing your ads that too on their very personal smartphone. The best converting offers are run usually with a frequency capping of 2 or 3 at max. If advertisements compliment the lifestyle of your target audience, they are a sure shot way to cater highest ROI.

Strategic Approach:

Brands benefiting from mobile advertising like Nike, Dove, Lakme, Starbucks are a lot more strategic in their approach. They have a clear understanding of the need of their consumers and their behavior online.

In mobile, creatives that make a clear call for action convert better as they smoothen the purchasing trajectory of the consumer. Some of the class-apart companies are laser-focused on mobile advertising that is not only engaging but personalized. A lot many features can be used to make a better impact, such as

  • Use of dynamic creatives
  • Moment marketing
  • Hyper-local targeting
  • Vertical videos
  • Effective use of consumer generated data and so on.

Mobile offers a more intimidating user-experience. Ads on mobile help to connect with the audience on an emotional level, consumers can relate to them and they create awareness while driving attractive order level economics.

“All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Finally, when you are exploring opportunities for making revenue using a huge amount of mobile traffic, it becomes really important to test, retest, optimize, customize your ad campaigns and keep on evolving with consistent efforts.

Being successful as a marketer is an evolving concept, each time business scenario expects you to explore and experiment. In this dynamic environment, lies the opportunity of earning the holy grail of brand affinity and customer loyalty. A media partner like MobiVisits provides a great level of flexibility and control, using the self-serve platform one can attain maximum benefits from those pocket-fit devices.

Written by Neelam Birthare, MobiVisits

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