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Future cars are going to be shared, electric and with no steering wheel or pedals

Posted March 12, 2017

By now everyone knows that cars in the future are going to be electric and will drive themselves. That is already written in the stone. However, most of today‘s autonomous efforts are still based on our old-fashioned cars. Volkswagen decided to rethink this philosophy with its Sedric concept car.

Sedric is supposed to look friendly – it will serve as a good companion, carrying people comfortably and safely. Image credit:

Sedric is an autonomous electric car concept, which will never have an engine. It looks very futuristic, although calling it beautiful is not going to happen. It features a square shape, which should maximize interior room. The car looks friendly and its wide two-part swing door opens nice and wide for passengers to climb inside easily. Inside people will find a cosy 2+2 seating and home feel. Rear seats are basically a couch. Advanced air conditioning and other comfort systems will keep passengers of Sedric comfortable on a boring city commute. There are no pedals nor a steering wheel as they are not necessary. Car will avoid accidents by itself, but in case the worst happens the structure is very strong and will protect people inside.

Sedric is supposed to be a shared car that will drive up to you whenever you need it. But Volkswagen knows that many people will still want to own a car, so it will be possible too. It will drive children to the school and then adults to their work. It is supposed to become a trusty companion. Almost like a friend. And for that the car needs to be able to communicate with people with ease. Passengers will be able to talk to Sedric about the destination, arriving time, routes, and traffic situation and so on. Some information in a form of augmented reality can be shown on the OLED screen, which is in the place of the windscreen.

Interestingly, cars like Sedric will solve many problems, even not so obvious ones. Of course, streets will be safer, people’s mobility is going to be more efficient and environmentally friendly. But did you know that parking problems are also going to be a thing of the past? Sedric, usually, will constantly drive people to their destination, so it will rarely have to stop for the rest. Most cars of today have to be parked for hours, while shared autonomous cars will only rest for short periods of time. Sedric is part of the future program “Together – Strategy 2025”, which is bringing automotive companies together.

If the future of city commute is as Sedric is promising, it does not look half bad. Safe and efficient means of transportation are desperately needed in today’s world. But where will be passionate drivers? Well, probably somewhere out of the city.

Source: Volkswagen

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