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The new Volvo XC60 – peaceful luxury and style

Posted March 10, 2017

SUV‘s are all the rage nowadays – it looks like we cannot have enough of them. Although many are just dull, some are actually quite important. Volvo XC60 is the bestselling premium mid-sized SUV in Europe, but it was getting rather old. Now Volvo introduced a new generation of XC60 and it looks like a smaller version of its big Brother XC90.

The new Volvo XC60 looks a lot like a bigger XC90 and features athletic yet subtle styling – it does not want to look down to others. Image credit:

As we already wrote, XC60 is loaded with safety technology. It has Steer Assist, which will literally steer you out of trouble, Pilot Assist, which essentially is a semi-autonomous driver assistance system and other safety and comfort kit. Because let’s face it – medium and small size SUV’s are more for running errands in the city than for going on intriguing long journeys on twisty back roads. However, there will be a performance version of the new XC60, which will be quite interesting.

At the top of the range of the new XC60 there will be a version with T8 Twin Engine petrol plug-in hybrid, producing 407 hp, which is good for 0-100 kph time of 5.3 seconds. So far Volvo does not say if this version will have suspension and maybe even aerodynamic package to back impressive powertrain, but it will be very interesting to see what a fast Volvo SUV looks like. However, most people will go for a far more sensible diesel version with a D4 engine with 190 hpD5 with PowerPulse technology delivering 235 hp. So all versions of the new XC60 will have some healthy power, but it is likely that suspension and transmission are going to be set for comfort. Volvo XC60 will also be quite a handsome car.

The rear of the car may receive some criticism, but there is no denying that XC60 is going to be extremely desirable. Image credit:

First of all, it does look like the latest XC90 – a big luxury SUV. And it is a good thing, which will appeal to many people. Thomas Ingenlath, Senior Vice President, Design at Volvo Car Group, said: “The XC60 is an SUV not designed to look down on others but to drive. The exterior has an athletic sculpture with a subtle, timeless quality. The interior is a masterful composition of well-resolved architecture, beautiful materials and the very latest technology”. The interior air will be very clean – four-zone climate system removes harmful pollutants and particles from the air before letting it inside.

And that is what XC60 is going to be. A peaceful, clean and safe car for those, who do not want to look down to others, yet want something stylish and comfortable. It will be an instant success.


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