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Bike Lock Made Of Textile

Posted March 8, 2017

There are several different types of bike locks in the market, main are U-type, chain-type, and steel-cable locks. Most of them are heavy to transport and easy to cut. German company designed a flexible textile-based lock, that is lighter than chain and more cut-resistant than a steel cable lock. Known as the tex-lock, its rope is made up of five layers of different types of material. Composed of high tech materials, the middle layer is saw-resistant, followed by layers that are cut-resistant, fire-resistant, waterproof, and dirt-repelling. A layer of conductive fibers might also be added, along with some electronics to allow the lock to send an alert if anyone tried tampering with it.

Tempered steel eyelets are located at either end of the rope, which engage the shackle of an included mini U-lock or padlock. The designers claim that the tex-lock is much lighter than either steel chain or cable, while being more difficult to cut through using traditional bike-stealing tools such as bolt cutters.

The lock is currently the subject of a Kickstarter campaign  and already reached its funding goal. An estimated delivery is on August of 2017.  To see it in action, watch a video below.

Source: Kickstarter

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