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Why McLaren Super Series will have a folding double driver’s screen? Because it can

Posted March 5, 2017

As anticipation for the new McLaren Super Series is growing, the brand keeps releasing some details about the new supercar. Most of them are quite small, although impressive. Now McLaren showed a little piece of the new instrument cluster and it is cool, but very weird at the same time.

This is how the digital instrument cluster will look most of the time. Image credit:

The new McLaren Super Series will get a completely redesigned interface for the driver information and also a new infotainment system. The interior will be completely new also, so it makes sense that the screens will have a new look and functionality. While the central infotainment touchscreen remains quite simple, as we have seen those in much cheaper mundane cars too, the instrument cluster will be viewed on a much different device. While it does look unique and very interesting, many people greeted it with scepticism.

It is The Folding Driver Display, as McLaren is calling it. It essence, it has two modes – full screen and a tiny slim one. The Full Display Mode is the one drivers are going to use the most, as it looks like just an ordinary digital instrument cluster. It can display such information as speed, engine RPM, fuel level and so on. It is a nice big TFT screen, which changes according to the driving mode. Slim Display Mode is a very narrow screen displaying only the most crucial information with very simple minimalistic graphics. It is said that this mode should appeal to those who want to focus on the task of driving and do not like any distractions. It should be useful on track or driving on an engaging piece of road.

Slim Display Mode is said to be more focused and distract the driver less, when the task of driving is more demanding. Image credit:

Many people doubt the actual usefulness of this system. Who would want to have less information on their eyesight? Slimmer screen does not open additional visibility or some kind of functionality. It just adds to the complexity of the car. On the other hand, there is no denying that changing between the two modes looks quite cool and special. The screen flips and moves deeper into the dashboard when the Slim Display Mode is selected. It looks like the car is preparing for something serious. However, when the car is already track-focused, why does it need the extra weight? Will the actuators be reliable?

The central infotainment screen gets a considerable update too, although it will, thankfully, remain stationary. It will be able to run several apps at the same time easily and they will be easy to use. The new McLaren Super Series will see the light very soon and will be much more powerful than the 650S it is replacing.

Source: McLaren

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