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Food Scraps Into Fertilizer Within 24 Hours

Posted February 23, 2017

Minority of people do compost organic waste and it is commendable thing to do. Main limitations are that it takes a long time to convert waste to soil, it can attract pests and you’re not supposed to put meat scraps in them. To a new food recycler called Zera, designed by Wlabs from Whirlpool doesn’t apply to those limitations, it can sit in your kitchen instead of out in your backyard.

The recycler contains of paper packet that goes into central bin, which consist of coir and baking soda. All dairy food waste is dumped into it throughout the week. A sliding lid along with replaceable carbon filter helps to keep odors at bay. Once the bin is full, a motorized blade mixes and slices everything. That mixture is heated and within 24 hours the contents of the bin, including the additive packet will become a nutrient-rich soil, that can be retrieved from smaller bin. The main disadvantage is that users will have to keep buying those filters and pockets.

Source: Indiegogo

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